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Cannabis Day arrives on April 20th

In this article we will tell you what 4.20 is and what it means. We have heard this number often but many still do not know its meaning, tradition and history. Specifically we will tell you:

  1. 4.20 the origin of tradition
  2. 4.20 in the world
  3. 4.20 in quarantine, how to celebrate anyway

Every religion has holidays and symbols: there are those who cannot give up a tree and nativity scene, those who spend the whole year waiting to see their deceased again and those who dance around the fire to bring rain and harvests.

For cannabis smokers , the day of the festive dress, new papers and shaved (as well as the rest of the body) - is April 20th .

You may be wondering why weed and hashish lovers have chosen to mark April 20th red on their calendars. The tradition is linked to the number 420 , a figure dear to all cannabis enthusiasts. In the USA, dates are indicated with the month followed by the day, and not vice versa as happens in Italy: hence the date of April 20th, precisely 4/20 .

Legends about the origin of World Cannabis Day have been abounding for years, but today - finally - the truth has come to light: 420 is not the code of a federal crime that punishes the consumption of narcotic substances, it is not the number of chemical actives contained in cannabis and not even the date of birth of Hitler, as some have tried to make you believe. It is a time, to be precise the time of an appointment with friends.

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Four Twenty: the origin of tradition

The Four Twenty story begins in San Rafael in 1971 . We are in California in the 70s, land of hippies and freedom, and the protagonists of this story are a group of high school students from San Rafael High School, who called themselves Waldos and used to meet at 4.20 in a city park.

They met every day at the same time with one goal: they went in search of a legendary marijuana field hidden near the Point Reyes Coast Guard station. They heard that a Coast Guard guy had been forced to abandon a plot of land growing marijuana, so they started looking for him.

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They would meet at 4:20 near the statue of Louis Pasteur and then, after smoking a joint, they would wander around the fields of Point Reyes. After weeks of fruitless searches, the Waldos stopped hunting the ghost plants, but retained the habit of using the number 420 to meet up and smoke marijuana together, going unnoticed.

The legend of the 420 would probably never have been born if it hadn't been for Waldo's older brother Dave: the boy was a friend of Phil Lesh , bassist of the Grateful Dead , a rock band that is still very famous today. After learning the code from the Waldos, Leash and the Grateful Dead appropriated it, spending the next 35 years touring the world, smoking weed and fueling the myth.

When the Four Twenty became legend, the no longer young Waldos tried to hide their identity, to protect their families and careers that had already taken off. The identities of some of them have been revealed, although Mark Gravitch, Dave Reddix and Steve Capper, some of the Waldos, have tried very hard to hide their identities.

The three used code names such as Waldo Dave, Waldo Steve and Waldo Mark. Today, however, they enjoy the role they played in the history of weed . To demonstrate their involvement in the birth of the legend, they would have recovered and shown to their companions in raids a flag bearing the number 420 used by them, together with some stamped letters; the number was used by them as a code for marijuana.

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The Four Twenty in the world

Cannabis Day has become an opportunity to talk about cannabis , to educate about the plant, its therapeutic applications and the use of its derivatives. Every year, hundreds of 420 events are held around the world, celebrating weed with music, documentaries and conferences.

Below is a brief guide to the main cannabis day events in the world.

  • 420 Hippie Hill - San Francisco Golden Gate Park : the place is historic, the location wonderful and the music crazy. In San Francisco the 420th is celebrated in style, in a symbolic meeting place of the hippies of the 60s;
  • 420 University of Colorado Boulder campus : the event is organized by students and does not appear in the official university events, but attracts visitors from all over the area;
  • Ottawa, Major's Hill Park : It was the second large gathering of weed smokers in Canada, after the one in Vancouver in 1995. At first it was a gathering of a few hundred people, but over time it became the gathering place of smokers from all over Ontario.
  • Montréal, Quebec, Mount Royal : very popular cannabis festival, especially after legalization in 2018.
  • Vancouver, Vancouver Art Gallery : it was the first cannabis day in all of Canada, in 1995. The cultural push that led to the legalization of marijuana in 2018, for both recreational and therapeutic purposes, also started from here.

These are just some of the events organized in the United States and Canada by cannabis lovers. In our homeland, however, the Roma Fest is held, which brings together all the Roman entities in the cannabis sector in a light but informative day.

The festival symbolically begins at 4.20pm on April 20th and dedicates a lot of space to debates and round tables, documentaries and music for 12 hours. Hemp Fest is held in Milan , born in 2016 as a small festival and becoming a real international fair in two editions. It is an event about hemp in all its facets.

Three days of conferences, workshops, sale of industrial hemp derivatives, grow area, food area and even a competition to choose the best inflorescences.

Cannabis light

4/20/2020: cannabis in quarantine

The Four Twenty 2020 will be very different from previous ones. The extraordinary containment measures of the virus prohibit us from leaving the house, shops are closed and gatherings prohibited, events have been canceled in most countries around the world. How to celebrate cannabis day in this particular year?

We advise you to do it with light cannabis . In this period, the illegal sale of marijuana has also suffered many repercussions and it has become difficult to obtain it, even for the most astute smokers. The only solution remains to buy light cannabis, distributed widely through tobacconists, vending machines and the web.

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Do you want something more for your Four Twenty? This year you will certainly have more time to dedicate to your favorite plant, so why not try preparing some delicious ganja-based muffins ?

You can do many things with cannabis, don't just focus on the possibility of smoking it. Our blog contains all the information you need to make perfect marijuana muffins with cannabis butter and banana.

While you cook you can listen to COVID-420 Quarantine Party , a virus-themed musical playlist, which appeared a few days ago on Spotify to brighten up our days at home!

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