Meet Terre di Cannabis

We are a group of people who love cannabis, enjoy its virtues, appreciate its benefits and want to spread a new idea, a new way of being, in the world. We want to spread a lifestyle.

Why deprive ourselves of what exists in nature? That’s what we asked ourselves one day. We decided to believe it. And to try it. We had in our disposition something that was already here with us: the fruits of the earth. That earth that we love and respect. That earth that offers unique products.

Our company was founded in 2018, we grow 10 hectares of Hemp and we our presence, with our plantations, can be found in different regions: Abruzzo, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Puglia and Tuscany. We are constantly expanding: we are always looking for people motivated to create a "network", farmers, growers, common people who want to change their lives, people who trust, just like us, cannabis and who believe in the beneficial effects of this plant. We are searching for those people in order to build together a new "green revolution".

Day after day, project after project more than thirty families process our precious Cannabis cultivations, to offer the best inflorescences to the market. We take great care of our plants and we are proud of the care we dedicate to their growth: after being harvested, the fruits of our work are delivered to the dryer where, with care and love, they are transformed into the best available product: each plant of TerreDiCannabis carries in it an extraordinary story of men and women made of fatigue and pride. We are an integral part of the Made in Italy because we believe in the value of the Italian tradition, in the culture of the "know-how" that our ancestors have left us, and this is exactly why we are "the amarone of cannabis", the "parmesan of hemp". We develop ever more refined genetics to create a true excellence in this sector: the best cannabis on the market.

We believe in values such as the cultivation experience, the quality of our work and we have a strong identity that is based on tradition. We have decided to forge new guidelines that characterize our experience:

Tenacity: the strong will to follow step by step the whole supply chain, from the preparation of the soil to the packaging of the inflorescences. Our methodology and pragmatism thus become a synonym of guarantee for our customers. The continuous research for quality makes use of the most modern technology, both in the fields and in our research laboratories.

Emotion: the history of Cannabis is something that we know well and that has been handed down for several generations, animated by great enthusiasm and a deep knowledge of the sector. We have involved the best botanists and geneticists who guarantee the best quality of the inflorescences.

Respect: respect for the environment, the traditions, the cultural and human heritage of all our cultivations of Hemp around Italy. We have a special attention towards the surrounding and hosting territory, towards nature and an eco-sustainable development.  

Return: a complete restitution of the history of this culture, a return to the origins and the traditions of the past, just like our grandparents taught us. The logic of the production control is based on the "once upon a time" idea, respects the traditions "of the past", protects and defends the surrounding environment, in synergy with our habitat, our sociality and our economic sustainability.

Efficiency: a particular attention towards the market and the distribution that creates a relationship of trust with users, to whom we guarantee highest quality cannabis inflorescences at a fair price.

Because just as our grandparents said, if "The Earth is low", we like to sit uncomfortably. 


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