Top Quality Cannabis Sativa L.

TerreDiCannabis believes in the passion of people and trusts in the close relationship between man and nature. Inside Terre there are unique natural elements but also people who get up every day with a dream: a better future for everyone.

We cultivate "organically", using basic principles in the care of soil fertility and in the equilibrium of the operating environment, we use the correct application of the concepts of "agro-ecology", having as an objective the cultivation of our Cannabis in a perfect environmental balance. We take care of our lands with great meticulousness: we revitalize, plow and prepare the ground as our grandparents taught us and we employ a correct supply of natural fertilization thanks to the animals of our farms. We manually sow, and we take care of each specimen, sprout by sprout, flower by flower, assisting the Cannabis throughout its life cycle.

We select the best flowers one by one, thanks to a specific cataloging, which is coordinated daily by our quality control laboratory, something that allows us to monitor every single step: from growth to development, from problems to critical issues. We control the flowering phase in an assiduous way to ensure a good supply of cannabinoids and terpenes in our inflorescences. Our quality standards are certified and guaranteed and supply the market with the best legal Cannabis inflorescences, with the right quantity of Cbd.

In our dryer, the inflorescences acquire a unique flavor, maturing terpenes with an exclusive and unmistakable taste, thanks also to the constant control of temperature and humidity. In the trimming phase we use sophisticated and avant-garde equipment, but we leave the last "touch" to our operators, who with a great valuable work and a skilful dexterity manage to design an inflorescence with an appealing look. Our goal is to offer the highest quality at the right price, with natural, fragrant inflorescences with a unique taste. The only ones branded Terre.

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