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Diva Amnesia (CBD) | 2g.

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    This cannabis strain contains a lot of CBD and has a selected terpene profile to make you forget about stress. Stress and tension get too big and you can't change their mind? When this is the case, Diva takes the stage and can be very eloquent.

    Amnesia Haze | fiori di CBD - terredicannabis
    Amnesia Haze | fiori di CBD - terredicannabis

    Diva Amnesia Haze: to say no to the screeching of stress

    Diva is onecannabis sativainspired by the great Amnesia – a timeless classic, so powerful that – as legend has it – it can make you lose your memory.

    Un aroma di felicitá

    Among our CBD strains Amnesia Haze is the one that, together with Stella, contains the most. Don't worry, with an active ingredient concentration of 22%, Diva doesn't promise to cloud you, but will instead relax and relax you.

    In addition to keeping stress and tension at bay, it can have analgesic effects and also stimulates the production of melatonin. If taken before sleeping it will not lull you into oblivion, but into a deep and restful sleep. Diva also boasts a magnificent terpene profile - composed of alpha pinene, linalool and limonene - which in addition to giving it its unmistakable scent, reinforces the relaxing, analgesic and relaxing effect of CBD.

    So if you are in the quicksand of stress and the mere thought of it keeps you sleepy, Diva can hold out a branch to you and pull you out of it.

    • Citrus fuit

    • Happy

    • Forest


    Our high quality has deep roots

    • We grow our ownlegal cannabisin an organic way, in the wild and uncontaminated heart of Abruzzo. Our plants become part of the ecosystem, protecting and strengthening it. In fact, they favor the settlement of pollinating insects, nourish the soil and consume little water.

    • We do not use pesticides or herbicides and ourlight cannabisit is free of heavy metals.

    • We focus on a thorough and scrupulous qualitative analysis, conducted by third-party laboratories equipped in the best possible way.

    • We have optimized our supply chain, which is now very short and controlled entirely by us.

    Diva has ahigh CBD contentand a very low THC level, less than 0.2%. It is therefore rich in beneficial properties, free of side effects and psychotropic effects and can be consumed in absolute serenity.

    Is light hemp better to smoke or vaporize?

    Better to vaporize it, there is no doubt. If you vaporize it, you first of all save yourself the combustion and do something pleasant for your respiratory system. Furthermore, a good vaporizer allows you to fully appreciate the complex aromatic profiles of our light marijuana.

    On the one hand, it allows you to consume your flowers without having to mix them with tobacco. On the other hand, you can set the vaporization temperature to best enhance their terpene profile.

    In this regard, Diva is particularly rich in alpha pinene and you could therefore vape it at 157 degrees. However, this is not a strict rule but an indicative value. The important thing is not to exceed 230 degrees, which is the combustion threshold.

    Finally, keep in mind that Diva has extremely compact and resinous buds. Before inserting them into the brazier, it is therefore advisable to chop them well.

    If, however, you really like joints and absolutely don't want to give them up, you could still follow some precautions. First of all we advise you to leave the tobacco aside. In addition, you could use papers that are as natural as possible and, finally, make filters worthy of the name they bear.

    What if I wanted to get out of the smoke or steam dichotomy?

    You could infuse CBD flowers and make a great herbal tea.

    To prepare a herbal tea that is not only good, but also effective, several steps are necessary:

    • The grass tips must first be shredded, with scissors or a grinder. This increases the extraction surface and achieves a more powerful effect. A good dose is 2.5 g per 250 ml of water.

    • The water with the buds inside should be brought to the boil and then left to boil with the lid on for 15-20 minutes.

    • At this point, add a spoonful of milk (including vegetable milk) for every 250 ml of water and leave to simmer on a low heat for another ten minutes, always with the lid on. Thus the cannabinoids, which are lipophilic, dissolve better.

    • The herbal tea is ready. All you have to do is choose whether to filter it or not; after all, even the residues contain CBD.

    However sweet an herb may be, once infused it will inevitably tend towards bitterness. To counterbalance it, you can add aromatic herbs or citrus peel to your herbal tea.

    If you want to sweeten it we recommend honey. Linden and chestnut would go well with Diva, to underline its herbaceous side, or lemon to recall its citrus scents.

    Buying CBD online is a breeze, but is it also legal?

    On our website without a doubt.

    In addition to being EU certified, Diva has a rate ofLower THCat 0.2% and is therefore completely legal. The same goes for all the products you can find in our online shop.

    We have many varieties of legal marijuana in the most disparate formats, CBD oil in different concentrations and a selection of cannabis seeds, suitable for indoor and outdoor growers. Take a look and you will see that even the price of marijuana puts a smile on your face here.

    Diva: how much does it cost and how can you buy it?

    The price varies depending on the quantity. If in the 2 g package you can buy it for 6.50 euros per gram, with XL Premium you go down to 2.

    However, the choices and values ​​underlying our prices do not vary, built around respect for work and the environment, starting from a supply chain deeply rooted in the territory.

    Purchasing is very simple. Choose the products you are interested in and proceed to payment. There you have three possibilities: credit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery (only in Italy).

    At this point the delivery starts, which is reliable, discreet and fast. In Italy, it reaches you within 48 hours wherever you are.